EndoNaut AI

Smart Navigation. Empowering.

EndoNaut Aorto-Iliac

3D Roadmaps in any Operating Room

EndoNaut brings the image fusion technology into your operating room.

Have the most from the preoperative patient CT during the procedures at your fingertips. Easily and quickly combine with any mobile or fixed C-arm for a fraction of the cost of a hybrid room.


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Reliable 3D Roadmap without additional contrast.

Refer to the CT images and to your case planning during procedures. 3D data is made available and synchronized with the live intraoperative images. This is accomplished by using cutting-edge patented image registration algorithms, deep learning technology, and biomechanical simulation taking vascular deformation into account.

Designed to upgrade your Operating Room

Better quality care at a lower cost.

Bring image fusion technology into any existing environment. EndoNaut is already compatible with your mobile or fixed C-arms, and can be used across multiple operating rooms.

No I.T. constraints

Just connect the EndoNaut to the C-arm video output.
It's immediately ready for use.


Streamlined workflow

Optimize your workflow by utilizing the full potential of your EndoSize-based 3D case planning.

Keep control

The intuitive touchscreen interface is controlled by the physician right from the operating table. Get the information you want when you need it by yourself.

Ease of use

EndoNaut has been designed to bring user-friendly 3D navigation to your fingertips. Keeping the focus on patient care.

Patient and medical staff friendly

Decreased X-ray exposure

3D overlay allows to lower procedure time and reduce contrast angiography, which contributes to a decrease of X-ray exposure for both patients and staff.

Minimum contrast agent injections

Use of 3D fusion imaging is associated with a significant reduction of nephrotoxic iodinated contrast use, limiting risks for patients with renal failure. [1]

[1] S. R. Goudeketting et al., “Pros and Cons of 3D Image Fusion in Endovascular Aortic Repair: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis,” J. Endovasc. Ther. Off. J. Int. Soc. Endovasc. Spec., p. 1526602817708196, May 2017.

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Empowering features

3D localization, in real time

Locate your tools in relation to the native CT scan and 3D images


Perform length and diameter measurements on CT scan right from the operating table

Stiff wire simulation

Use pre-computed stiff wire simulation to predict and overlay the deformed vessels

2D digital zoom

Zoom on fluoroscopy without changing C-arm field-of-view to save X-ray doses

Automatic adjustment

Automatically adjust the 3D overlay based on contrast angiography

Sizing report

Access all preoperative measurements, device selection, comments, and snapshots

Custom markers

Draw markers directly on the fluoroscopy and never lose important locations

C-arm gantry planning

Simulate virtual gantry angulations to avoid parallax effects