EndoNaut PAD

Optimize your treatments of lower extremity PAD


EndoNaut PAD

Navigation, safety, and optimization

Streamline your peripheral artery disease treatments by using the smart EndoNaut PAD software workflow.

Save contrast, X-ray doses, procedure time, and increase the likelihood of better outcomes by quantifying the lesions intra-operatively and selecting the most suitable devices.

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Full leg panorama in seconds

Without changing your workflow

Create, on-the-fly, panoramic images of the leg as you screen for lesions at the beginning of the procedure.

Our cutting-edge algorithms ensure fast panorama creation and does not interfere with your everyday workflow.

The vascular roadmap based on the panoramic view can then be overlaid on any fluoroscopic images during the procedure to save contrast and X-ray doses.

Designed to upgrade your Operating Room

Better quality care at a lower cost.

Bring image fusion technology into any existing environment. EndoNaut is already compatible with your mobile or fixed C-arms, and can be used across multiple operating rooms.

No I.T. constraints

Just connect the EndoNaut to the C-arm video output.
It's immediately ready for use.

Roadmap, reinvented

Delineate lesions

Plan your strategy using the angiography panorama, and add cues relative to the lesions to treat.

Persistent arterial mask

Once created, keep the arterial mask without additional contrast injection during staged or long occlusions treatment.


Save contrast doses

Synchronize live fluoroscopic views with the panoramic views to update the vascular roadmap in real time. Lower the need of additional contrast agent injections.

Improve clinical outcomes

Calibrate easily, optimize balloons, and stent selection based on quantitative information displayed on the panoramic view.

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Full featured image fusion system

Post treatment panorama

Update your angiography panorama with control injections and export it for procedure report


Perform length measurement from the operating table

2D digital zoom

Zoom on fluoroscopy without changing C-arm field-of-view or position

Automatic adjustment

Automatically adjust your fusion overlay on existing contrast angiography

Custom markers

Draw markers to delineate lesions on angiography panorama


Just connect EndoNaut to a C-arm video output, and you are good to go!