EndoNaut Fusion Out of the Box !

Simple yet Reliable Navigation

Save time, money and incredible effort. Without compromising quality and accuracy.

EndoNaut is the missing piece of your imaging arsenal for the endovascular treatment of aneurysmal and occlusive diseases. This unique, patented solution for intra-operative 3D navigation and localization of devices will provide you with more confidence, accuracy and visual comfort during catheterization procedures, whatever your interventional environment, at an affordable cost.

Keep your flexible operating room or cathlab and get the most from it. Without delay.

Upgrade your OR - Now at an affordable cost

EndoNaut is available now and offers a cost-effective alternative to the hybrid OR. In addition to 3D image fusion for aortoiliac procedure, EndoNaut provides you with a navigation solution for PAD treatment compatible with any mobile of fixed C-arm.

Get fusion imaging for your aorto-iliac procedures with EndoNaut AI

Optimize your PAD procedures with EndoNaut PAD

Clinically-validated Device

EndoNaut received the CE mark and FDA 510(k) clearance.

Key Features

Planning Review

Visualize the pre-surgical planning performed with EndoSize® (lesion, optimal C-arm, angulation, measurements, landmarks, devices) during surgery.

2D/3D Fusion

Automatically align pre-operative 3D data on 2D fluoroscopic images to enhance available information (calcification, thrombus).


Add markers and measurements without leaving the operating table to secure the choice and position of the devices.

3D Localization

Locate your devices in 3D in relation to the deformed vascular structures obtained from the preoperative simulation of stiff wires insertion.

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