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EndoSize User Interface


EndoSize provides you with an easy to learn and an easy to use toolset. It was developed in collaboration with physicians and is powered by an intuitive user interface.


Follow a streamlined step-by-step workflow, from centerline extraction to sizing report, to perform an efficient and accurate procedure planning.

Fast centerline generation

Get a reliable centerline to navigate, analyze the vessels, and get precise measurements (including lengths in the inner and outer curves).


Automated measurements

Automated measurements with manual adjustment capabilities allow you to keep control and adjust your decision.

Integrated device catalogs

Select a device among catalogs integrated in EndoSize and choose the best options based on the measurement you have made.

Advanced measurement

EndoSize comes with a built-in algorithm to perform advanced measurements such as inner/outer curve length or lumen volume estimation.


Angio simulation

Use angiography simulation to plan the optimal C-arm position and save time and radiation exposure in the operating room.

Centerline stiffening

Anticipate deformations by measuring the length based on interactive centerline stiffening.

Customizable planning report

Make it yours by adding comments and captures from 2D and 3D views. Create and share a comprehensive procedure planning report containing measurements and device options.

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EndoSize runs on both Windows PC and Mac. EndoSize is optimized to run on conventional computers and does not need a dedicated workstation.


EndoSize can be connected to your PACS server to retrieve CT scan using DICOM network standards.

Clean 3D Visualization

In a few clicks EndoSize produces a clean 3D image of targeted vessels, isolated from organs.

Automatic Centerline Creation

Vessel centerline is automatically computed so you can navigate and perform accurate anatomical measurements.


Each pathology needs specific measurements. EndoSize provides you with dedicated modules guiding you through the choice of a therapeutic strategy.

Standardized Sizing Report

EndoSize produces a clean sizing report containing all sizing information with interventional strategy, stent-graft references and sizing sheet. You can add notes and images (stretched, curved, profile views...).